The Tees Valley is no stranger to innovation, we are the birthplace of ground-breaking historic inventions that include: the friction match, ammonia, Perspex and of course the first public steam railway which ran from Stockton to Darlington. But, although we have these, among a few other inventions under our belt, it still seems as though Stockton gets a little bit lost on the map. Innovation is happening now, here are a few reasons why the place we, at Resolution, like to call home is about to be put back on the map.


Tees Valley Business Club

Bringing together businesses with the aim to assist them to grow and develop, the Tees Valley Business Club offers businesses within the area, the opportunity to connect and grow their contacts, whilst educating and helping them to increase their notability.

Held once a month on a Thursday, the club offers educational insights from guest speakers, assisting them in informal and formal networking. Here at Resolution, we love getting involved with the events, by chatting to guest presenters and other businesses. We also create the regular newsletter to share club updates with members.


Q Magazine

“We are at the beginning of a wave of work that will change the place that we live in”

– Gazette editor, Chris Styles.

A newly launched business publication, created by The Gazette, with the mission to raise awareness with regards to all of the new businesses, projects and events going on in the Tees Valley region. By collaborating with the region’s leading businesses, they aim to “squeeze every ounce of opportunity from each project” that is taking place in the area. The Gazette wanted to take a key role in showing the world what Tees Valley has to offer, to show that there is a lot happening here and to prove how much more capable we really are. This really is one to read!


The New Hampton by Hilton

You may have driven past the end of Church Road and thought “wow that’s a big building” or “that has a lot of rooms”, we introduce to you (if you haven’t already been introduced) the newest hotel to come to Stockton, The Hampton. With all the innovation going on and new businesses being developed within the area, it only seems right that we have somewhere for all of our welcomed business people to come and stay. Stockton council have seen a decrease in highstreet sales, as consumers grow accustomed to shopping online from the comfort of their own homes. It is estimated that 50,000 jobs have been lost in 6 months within Stockton, as shops shut their doors to offline business. The renowned hotel will be a huge asset and will bring in £6.6 million annually to the local economy, it will also create around 100 jobs for locals as well as accommodating those visiting the town.

Stockton Council has played a massive role in seeing that Stockton’s economy is on the rise, that businesses have the opportunity to flourish and communities can grow. Businesses, both commercial and independent, are encouraging others to be innovative and to push the boundaries as to what is possible. Without the communities of people, that we are also lucky enough to work with (Q magazine, Tees Valley Business Club etc), Stockton could have still been in crisis. All of us at Resolution are excited to see what our up and coming town has to offer in the not so distant future, and we hope that you are too.

We are passionate about our local area and the up and coming businesses within it, if you would like to get in touch with us our contact details can be found on our website,


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