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Crafting stories for the last ten years.

We’re celebrating a decade of creativity, connections and community. In that time, we have proudly worked with so many amazing people on countless campaigns and built an incredible team of expert communicators.

Sharon Starkey

Managing Director

Sharon is an innovative ideas person and likes nothing more than to listen to the challenges of our clients. You can almost see the cogs working as she processes the information and immediately starts to create campaigns and strategies to align with KPIs.

She has a keen eye for detail and a way with words, believing businesses can achieve much more by getting their message right and connecting with their audience. She takes her responsibility as a custodian of the English language seriously and is often heavily involved in our office debates as to the correct use of it; she has been known to proof a book when reading for pleasure!

Marketing is her passion and Sharon believes every communication, whether internal or external should be outcome focussed and offer a return on investment. She starts each project with the objective in mind and a blank page, believing what works for one organisation isn't necessarily right for another.

Although Sharon travels all over the world with our clients, Stockton is her home and she has a genuine desire to shout about the achievements of the town and become involved in local campaigns. She is particularly passionate about skills retention and is active in promoting the region as a great place to live and work.

She is at her happiest with a book in hand and tends to opt for the classics, counting 1984 and Great Gatsby amongst her favourites.

Kirbie Bestford

Account Manager

Kirbie is highly skilled in the field of digital marketing, whether it be working on results driven social media campaigns or online press releases which grab the target audiences’ attention, she puts herself in the clients shoes, thinking strategically about the organisation’s tone of voice and brand values within every task she takes on.

Coming from a background in journalism, with experience in both B2B and B2C marketing, Kirbie has an exceptional creative writing ability which enables her to take client’s ideas to the next level when pen is put to paper, or in her case, when fingertips are put to the keyboard.

An imaginative self-starter, Kirbie believes nothing is too big of a challenge, she treats each client’s brand as an individual, with a rule that not one size fits all, creating unique and engaging content for any client she works alongside. Kirbie prides herself on producing only the highest quality of work, guiding projects through from start to finish, to achieve the maximum results for each client.

Kirbie is super adventurous and enjoys pushing herself out of her comfort zone, which includes travelling the world and exploring different cultures, her favourite escapade was backpacking around Bali.

Sophie Kyle

Account Director

Whether working with B2B or B2C organisations, Sophie has an ability to get inside the heads of her client’s business and really understand their objectives, their audience and their culture. Breaking the boundaries of normal agency client relationships, she integrates to become a part of their team.

Naturally enthusiastic, Sophie adds an element of fun to her projects and loves results; we often catch her having personal celebrations at her desk when achieving coverage for a client or a campaign exceeds its targets.

Despite being so personable, she is a true professional and manages multiple campaigns with individual attention. The ‘real boss’ of the office, Sophie keeps us all on track and demands of us the high standards she sets herself. She isn’t restricted by the parameters of what is already out there and doesn’t take no for an answer, she is an innovator and if a client can benefit from something that doesn’t exist she will go about creating it.

Sophie is a great writer and has an ability to work on individual content whilst considering the wider objectives. Always results driven her excitement levels go through the roof when reviewing analytics and tweaking campaigns to achieve massive results.

Sophie is a food lover and in her spare time is the blogger and social media influencer Teesside Foodie. Check out her reviews on her blog

Alex Savage

Account Executive

Alex is bursting with new ideas to support in the content creation for client projects. Having studied public relations and digital communications, Alex brings an ultra-modern knowledge of social media and digital marketing allowing her to deliver campaigns that penetrate target markets.

A social butterfly, Alex thrives in busy environments and loves generating meaningful conversations. She’s the first to volunteer to support on networking events and trade shows, whether it be organising the stand or getting out there to build new relationships. Not one to shy away from a challenge either, you’ll often find Alex taking on fundraising events hosted by our charity partners, most recently an overnight 10 mile walk for The Teesside Charity.

An exceptional timekeeper, Alex has an exceptional ability to stick to a deadline, executing tasks with ease. She effortlessly follows a plan and tracks activity to support post campaign reviews.

We all have a love for language at Resolution and Alex is no exception, in her spare time you’ll find her reading, choosing modern literature over the classics, and when she doesn’t have her head in a book she is busy organising her next holiday.

Jenni King

Head of Creative

Jenni takes graphic design seriously and has studied the science behind the art and its impact on everyday life. A natural creative, Jenni is technically brilliant and commercially aware, a combination rarely found in graphic designers. She will listen intensely to a brief and immediately start to come up with ideas, it’s a joy to watch.

Her inquisitive personality and desire to get results means she never settles for mediocre, pushing the boundaries to ensure every avenue has been explored before providing the clients with enough information to make informed decisions. In short, she is a genius who makes what she does look simple!

Working with a Mac or a marker she always considers the user experience so her work achieves maximum impact. Her understanding of the business arena allows her to create outputs that align with messaging, achieve results and are always true to the brand.

Jenni’s design knowledge spills over into print too, which makes her able to take any project from start to completion with minimal fuss. Her consideration of every angle gives her designs longevity and means they are flexible enough to be future proof.

Jenni takes inspiration from everywhere and has a truly open mind. Her love of travel and culture influences her work and allows her to expand her creative mind. And, as if her love for art and travel doesn’t make her super cool, she also plays the drums!

Lotty Reeves

Office Manager

Managing a team of creatives is no small feat, but Lotty isn’t afraid of a challenge; in fact tell her something is impossible and she will find a solution. Her meticulous organisational skills and streamlined processes keep the gears turning effortlessly. Her practical ability to extract the exact information required to deliver results creates an efficient style. She injects a unique flair into our collaborative environment ensuring client campaigns are complemented by seamless operations. Outside of the office, she passionately supports local venues, attending as many gigs as she can fit in around raising her lively toddler. Lotty has a love of combining history with modern creativity and is currently undertaking the ambitious task of renovating a 1930s house.

Our Services

The right words really do say so much. Our team of public relations (PR) experts are skilled in extracting the stories and telling them in a way the audience will listen. Our established relationship with the media supports increased coverage whether it be with the local, global or digital community.
You know how powerful it can be. You’ve seen the impacts of a great marketing campaign. How do you apply this to your business? We love this question, it forms the start of every marketing plan and once investigated we create effective, targeted campaigns to profile your organisation.
Content Creation
Does the style and language you use in your copy reflect you as a business? It should. Your brand has a personality and great content helps it come across in all your marketing material. Be it professional, fun or intense, a consistent voice is a deal breaker. We can help with web copy, blog writing or news.
Media Buying
You might be the best in your field but if you don’t tell people, how will they know? In addition to targeted communications efforts, paid for placement can be effective. But, you need to get it right and make sure it aligns with the overall plan, and you want to know an expert is negotiating on your behalf.
Brand matters, it’s about first impressions. If you are looking to grow your market share, raise awareness within your industry or want your corporate style to be consistent, a simple brand review followed by a planned implementation will put you in control of your outward message.
What does your visual content say about you? Great design gets recognised, our commercially aware design team can create a visual identity that helps reflect who you are and what you do. Developing a consistent style across your print and digital design will help you be remembered and make an impact in your industry.
When you take the time to fully understand the objectives of the business, the communication efforts become targeted. We always start with strategy, it helps us get to know what it is you want to achieve and what it is your audience wants to know. Once we understand you, our team can handle the rest.
So you’ve got a website but is your online profile working for you? Whether starting from scratch or completing a refresh, our team will help with all things digital; from SEO to Google Ads, from social posts to web development, we’ve got you covered. And we will constantly review to check it’s working.