Storelectric, an energy storage company dedicated to advancing industry’s journey towards net zero, has announced its expansion into Teesside, highlighting the region’s pivotal role in the global energy transition. The company will be located within the Wilton Centre, as it hopes to foster collaboration and innovation within the UK’s largest process cluster.

Storelectric specialises in providing energy storage solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of industry, offering a commercially viable alternative to traditional fossil fuel reliance. By addressing the challenge of consistent reliable green energy sources, Storelectric facilitates the integration of sustainable energy through long-duration storage solutions.

Daren Smith, project director, emphasised the importance of energy storage to the region’s commitment to decarbonisation: “Teesside is at the forefront of industrial decarbonisation efforts. However, in order for industry to fully adopt this and modify their systems for a dual fuel service, they need to be certain of a consistent energy supply. Our solution rethinks commercial energy storage and aims to bridge the gap between suppliers and end users to pave the way for decarbonisation across the region’s industrial sector.”

Daren added, “Teesside’s rich history of innovation and industrial expertise alongside the natural landscape makes it an ideal location for Storelectric. Our model utilises existing underground salt caverns, repurposing geological storage to align with our commitment to deliver a greener, more sustainable future.”

The company is actively engaged in discussions with various organisations to further expand its presence and contribute to the region’s sustainable development goals.

Drawing from his extensive experience in the industry, Daren highlighted the significance of Storelectric’s presence in the Wilton Centre: “Our proximity to key industry players within the Wilton Centre creates unparalleled opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange. We are committed to driving collective success and accelerating Teesside’s transition towards decarbonisation for the benefit of future generations.”

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