Rounton coffee is produced in their granary in North Yorkshire. The people who run it really love coffee. They also care about the world we live in and the farmers they buy beans from. They take their responsibility as a business seriously and maintain high standards, producing sustainably sourced, speciality coffee that is accessible to all. Our creative team was tasked with designing packaging materials that can be used for the limited release range, starting with the Festive Blend, whilst our marketing team produced an effective communication strategy.


The brief was complex in that the identity had to be reinvented with each new blend whilst maintaining consistency and brand recognition. The result, a simple box with an interchangeable decorative sleeve. Our team worked alongside suppliers to maintain brand quality in the materials used and print treatments applied. Our marketing team were responsible for the promotional activity to drive awareness and sales of the seasonal product, including securing a feature slot on a Channel 4 lifestyle programme. High viewing figures resulted in instant spikes to website traffic, raising brand awareness and impacting on sales.


Packaging design, supplier engagement and quality control, marketing collateral design, communications strategy, marketing campaign, press releases, social media campaigns, content creation, TV and media liaison.

“Sustainably sourced, proper tasty coffee.”