Rounton Coffee Roasters are an award-winning roastery based in their granary in North Yorkshire. They take their responsibility as a business seriously and maintain high standards, producing sustainably sourced, specialty coffee that is accessible to all. Our design and copy team collaborated to design packaging for Rounton’s new product line, home compostable coffee pods. The brief was to develop one simple package design, as well as label designs that would differentiate each coffee blend and produce campaign content for the launch. 


The design team kept the packaging clean to allow the label to clearly communicate flavours and then reworked the brand colours, this ensured the scheme was market appropriate while co-operating with the existing palette. As the pods were a new product with a strong USP, the team introduced friendlier copy and icons to showcase the home compostable element of the product and appeal to a new audience. The result, a contemporary design, with colour-coded labels for each coffee blend complemented by a friendly approach.


Packaging design, communications strategy, social media management, content creation, supplier engagement and press releases.

“Sustainably sourced, proper tasty coffee”