You may be wondering, how is it possible for your company to gain a trusted connection with your target audience, well it all starts with building an active and personable relationship with the people that you are wanting to connect with.

“Be a valuable content resource to prospects and your business is more likely to get discovered”

– Michele Linn, content marketing consultant.

What is brand profile?

Your brand’s profile is a very important element surrounding your company and its overall identity, determining your profile will give a clear understanding and expression of what your business has to offer. Similar to a person’s profile, a brand profile is the overall external and internal identity of your company. Things you should be thinking about are: what is it that our company offers? What do we sell? How do we want to engage with our target audience? And how can we actually get them to trust us and want to invest their time, as well as their money in our company?

Once you pinpoint your brand’s profile, the identity should be loud and clear so that it speaks and resonates with clients. Next, you should consider content marketing, what is it and how exactly can it benefit my company and my clients?

What is content?

Content is something that expresses a topic or a meaning through a medium, this could be an article, blog post, Instagram post or Snapchat image, it is material that aims to educate, inspire or inform others about something.

In this instance, content marketing is a tool that can be used in order to give your company and client a more meaningful connection, it can help you to win over your client and in turn, eventually gain more profit. Content should be educational without being promotional, in order to inspire your client and to educate them on how your company’s product or service can change or benefit their life.

For example, a stationary company could create content (whether It be a blog article or an Instagram post), that educates their target audience on “how to write calligraphy” in order to try and inspire their audience and as a result gain more sales in calligraphy pens. Content marketing is all about your target market and potential clients, it is about gaining their trust and winning them over through education and inspiration.

Once you start implementing content marketing into your company’s marketing strategy, you will be on your way to becoming a credible source of education and topical information for your target audience, resulting in raised brand profile, which will allow your company to be more discoverable to the right audience.

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