We’ve all experienced it, you open up your laptop and blankly stare at the screen, waiting for something to pop up, inspire you and drag you out from your creative rut.

Panic sets in, the work isn’t getting done, the deadlines are creeping up and you don’t know how to reignite your creative flame. We ironically (at Resolution) love to help people find resolutions. With a couple of our pointers, we hope that we can help you to reinvent your inspiration.

Go offline:

Disconnect from the digital world and start being inspired by the world around you. Looking at the same thing on your screen every day will not help your creativity, just like sitting in the same environment every day won’t make you feel excited. Mix it up a little bit and take a break from your laptop, phone, TV and anything else digital. Go for a walk and submerge yourself in nature, watch people and observe what they do, maybe even go and grab a coffee and get talking to a local in a coffee shop.

Read! Read! And read some more:

As the saying goes, “knowledge is power” and if you ask any entrepreneur or influencer, they will tell you to read. We are strong believers that reading can help to curve your rut and assist you in beginning to think about new angles and be inspired by the words on the page. You don’t just have to read books, click on your favourite blog and catch up on their newest articles, they will show you what is current and relevant.

When in doubt, write it out:

Get into the habit of writing down any sporadic thoughts or ideas that you may have. Inspiration comes from the places we least expect; with ideas already written down, it is easy to go back to that moment and reignite your inspiration. Brainstorm anything that comes to mind and don’t edit any notes until you’ve finished.

Focus on something else:

If you’re stuck in a rut, your nose could be too close to the page, try to avert your attention and focus on something else for a little while. Have you got another project that you could focus on? Do you have a shopping list to write? Whatever it is, just spend a short amount of time focusing your attention on something else.

The box:

We are always told to think outside of the box so that we can stretch our minds and be creative in the most innovative ways. However, this is an awful thing to try to do when you don’t even have a starting point. Get back inside the box and strip any ideas back to basics, sometimes less can be more.

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