We are looking to expand our team and add a Marketing Executive.

We are a strategic, full service communications agency, working with our clients to profile their brand. We purposefully keep our client base small but deliver an extensive service from concept to delivery. We do great things for our clients and if you haven’t already, take a look at our work.

Our culture is important, we are a super charged team who complement each other’s skills. We don’t do egos but we do celebrate success. We promote each other and create campaigns as a group.

Although we are a collective team, it is essential that each client account is being overseen by an individual, that they are being nurtured and grown. You will work closely with the clients you look after, contribute to strategy and drive results. You will have ideas and opinions, and they will be listened to and explored. You must be able to fit with the team, that is a deal breaker.

We think this role will be ideal for someone who has a marketing background (or not), who gets excited by great design and impressed by clever campaigns, is a lover of the English language and knows how to write outcome focused, interesting copy.

You might not fit this criteria but still think you would be perfect for the role. You might not have ever worked in this type of job but have a way with words that makes us want more. So if this sounds like something you would like to do five days a week for as long as you enjoy it, tell us. info@resolutioncomms.co.uk


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