Fireside is a new to market digital platform. It provides a space where experience and knowledge can be shared globally to support business start-up, idea generation, growth and collaboration. Encouraging users not to ‘take it to the grave’, the platform exists to make connections that add real value with benefits incorporated for all users. The use of tech opens up knowledge share and builds trust whilst capturing data for use in future challenges.


Fireside provides an AI environment that enables the user to learn, evolve and benefit from its data. The start-up social media platform had no identity. Following a detailed strategy session, our design team developed a brand that could stand strong in an already established market, connecting with disenfranchised social media users. We identified that to succeed, Fireside had to feel like a breath of fresh air to pull users away from their preferred and everyday platform. 


Strategy development, brand creation, communications strategy, business plan, marketing campaign, content creation.

“Don’t take it to the grave.”