We regularly get asked “is there a difference between logo and brand?” and our answer is always the same “absolutely!”

Your logo is an image, a mark or a graphical icon. It should be recognisable to your clients and will form an important element of your brand. You will use it on all your correspondence, marketing and, if applicable, your products.

Your brand however is more than an image, it is the perception your customer has of the qualities and attributes of your product or service. It is what a prospective customer thinks when they hear your company name or sees a piece of graphic design. There is an element of emotion as well as fact and this can be encouraged through regular engagement and consistent reinforcement of your key messages.

The way people do business has changed significantly over the last few years. It is no longer enough to have a great product or service; people expect to know the organisation, what it stands for, the culture and its personality. Your brand speaks, PR and social media allows you to manage what it is saying.

You can gain control of your message by considering and implementing a marketing and public relations strategy. Social media gives you the opportunity to show and build your brand’s personality, allowing your audience to get to know your brand with the ultimate goal of building trust and familiarity. By the use of case studies, sharing some of the good experiences of your clients allows others to understand added value as well as any additional products and services you can offer. Sharing regular updates via social media and press engagement will keep your audience informed and direct traffic to your website where you can gain valuable information about your visitors via analytics tools.

Benefits of regular engagement:


Consistent social media in particular, will allow you to really connect with your customers, understand their business challenges and what drives them. Using analytics tools can also help you understand the demographic of your audience and allow you to amend your messaging to increase your social reach. By utilising hash tags, you can connect with an audience that are looking for the services you provide.


Consumers expect instant results and by encouraging feedback via your social media you obtain an opportunity to respond, correct and solve the challenges of your customer. Social media provides a platform for your customers to share their wish list and suggestions for improvement; and more importantly gives you the opportunity to correct and improve.


People buy from people and organisations benefit from regularly updating their audience and showcasing the culture and personality of the business, as well as expertise. Press releases allow you to share company progress and successes whilst gaining coverage for your target audience to see.


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