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Copywriting, you’ve probably heard the term before and if you are lucky enough to work as a copywriter, you’ve probably had the same question repeatedly asked to you, “so what is it that you actually do” or “isn’t copywriting to do with legal stuff”. We think it’s time to clear up the misconceptions surrounding copywriting and give you some insight into how a Copywriter can benefit your company.

First things first, despite what the popular TV show ‘Mad Men’ might lead you to believe, not all copywriters work within advertising.  Secondly, copywriting has nothing to do with copywriting law. And ironically, like a dentist that eats sweets and drinks coffee, copywriters are not very good at communicating what it is their job entails.

So, what is it that they do? In a nutshell, Copywriters write to get people to take action, they write to inform a business or a company’s target audience. They also write content for businesses to help them connect with their audience. So why don’t they just call themselves writers? Well, call yourself a writer and everyone assumes you are a journalist, novelist or poet. Copywriting is so much more than that, it’s building a relationship with the consumer, connecting business to client and teaching an audience about the offerings of each individual product or company.

Like marketing, copywriting works to promote and offer a service or a product to the consumer, except a copywriter does this through the power of words. You’ve heard the term, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, well copywriters have the power to promote and sell through the power of the written word.

So why is copywriting so important for your company? You can have 1000 or 10,000 words on a website, but it doesn’t matter if nobody reads it, and if nobody reads it you’ve just wasted a lot of marketing budget. This is where a copywriter comes in, they have the ability to fine tune exactly what it is you want to communicate, through words, to encapsulate the consumer and sell the product or brand. They write and communicate something that secures your client and reassures them that what you have to offer is not just meaningless fluff.

A copywriter will ensure that you are not just asking your consumer to consume, they will enable relationships between b2b and b2c, creating longevity and sustainability for your company.

Your business needs a voice, a personality, and most importantly it needs a copywriter!

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