Food For Thought

Logos are sponges.

Some organisations are instantly recognisable by their logo mark. You probably feel like you understand their culture, know their values and can make a buying choice based on this identity. It might be safe to assume that tech colossus ‘Apple’ fits with this idea. The leading manufacturers of smart phones have cemented themselves in modern culture by creating a high…

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Rhythmic writing – What we can learn from Shakespeare when marketing for business

Many studies have been completed about the emotional connection of a purchase, the fact that people buy from people and the reality that relationship building benefits business growth. Applying a style to your writing that gives your audience pleasure, whilst being informative and memorable, is a craft. Copywriters incorporate many principles to keep the customer’s attention for longer and, despite…

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Hide and Tweak – Instagram removes ‘Likes.’ How to ensure your business doesn’t suffer.

Last month, Instagram announced it was testing the removal of the amount of ‘likes’ displayed on posts. The trial started in Canada and was then expanded to seven different countries around the world, including Ireland and Australia. Instagram wants its users to “worry a little less” about how many likes they’re getting but focus more on the content which is…

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What is Copywriting? Clearing up the misconceptions.

Let’s clear things up… Copywriting, you’ve probably heard the term before and if you are lucky enough to work as a copywriter, you’ve probably had the same question repeatedly asked to you, “so what is it that you actually do” or “isn’t copywriting to do with legal stuff”. We think it’s time to clear up the misconceptions surrounding copywriting and give…

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