It’s been a difficult week for businesses as they face uncertain markets and a need to review and flex business plans. The landscape is unclear, and we don’t really know what is to come; we simply don’t have experience of it. What we do know, is that as a region we are used to diversifying, we have experience of adapting and we are certainly resilient.

It has been refreshing to see how well our region’s businesses have adapted, followed advice and most importantly, supported each other. The regular updates from Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen have been very welcome as employers and employees face uncertainty and contact from organisations such as Digital City offering a whole host of support, including a friendly chat was well received by our team.

Practical support is being shared daily and we are making use of our well established networks including those at Tees Valley Business Club who despite taking the decision to cancel this month’s event have been supporting businesses by ensuring knowledge is shared amongst members.

Stockton Council have been a great support to us as a business and The Endeavour Partnership have kept us up to date with the government announcements from a legal perspective.

Like many other businesses, our team has successfully implemented a work from home policy and although we are missing our regular face to face meetings with clients, we are keeping in touch via Microsoft Teams and regular telephone calls.

Communicating your message in a clear and concise way is important in a time like this and last week was mainly about us speaking with our clients and discussing the immediate impact they have seen on their business, what plans they have put in place and how they should be engaging  with clients, suppliers and team members. We hope our fellow Teesside businesses have had chance to adapt to the new environment and have taken the opportunity to dig out marketing plans to check the message is still current, in particular reviewing any post scheduled on social media.

We are enjoying keeping in touch and if anyone fancies a chat, about public relations, marketing, design, or anything else, we would love to catch up.


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